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UK Big Cats - TV Programmes
The following are just some of the TV programmes that have featured reports on the UK Big Cats, some of the programmes are very good, some are sensationalist, most present a good view of Big Cat researchers......
Although there are those that just take the p*** out of us researchers!
To The Ends Of The Earth - Alien Big Cats

Produced by Channel 4

Shown on Channel 4

The X Creatures Investigation by Chris Packham

Produced by BBC / Discovery Communications Inc

Shown on BBC2

The Call Of The Beast

Produced by Cicada Films

Shown on Channel 4

The Beast Of Exmoor

Produced by TSW Productions

Shown on TSW



Produced by Yorkshire Television for Discovery Channel

Shown on Discovery Travel & Adventure


Close Up - Search For The Beast

Produced by BBC

Shown on BBC South West


Midlands Report

Produced by BBC

Shown on BBC2