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UK Big Cats Tracks
During our many trips out searching for our black panther, we pay particular attention to the ground looking for tracks on the fields and areas near where the sightings have taken place.
You soon get to recognize a Big Cat track from a dog track by the lack of claw marks, cats have retractable claws, dogs do not.  The only big cat that does not retract its claws is a cheetah.  Below we have shown some of the Big Cat tracks that you may encounter and you can see the difference between them, we have also included some other animals that are native to the UK for comparison.
Native UK Animals
Pet Dog
Front Paw Back Paw
Front Paw Back Paw
Front Paw Back Paw
Non Native Species - UK Big Cats
Front Paw Back Paw
Front Paw Back Paw
Front Paw Back Paw
Notice the non retracted claws
If you ever come across any tracks that you may think are from a Big Cat, please make a note of the location and measure the size of the marks.  If you want to please make a cast of the print details are provided on this web site of how to do it. 
And if you wish you are more than welcome to send it to us here!