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Our Aims @ UK Big Cats
This website is owned and operated by Neil Meads, I have
been interested in the whole UK Big Cat phenomenon for a while as there have been
various sightings around our area reported in our local paper.
The reason we have set up this web site is to try and collate the information from
around the country into one central database to give us a better picture about where
these cats are, what they are, how they are surviving, whether they are breeding
Until conclusive evidence about the different species is collected these animals can
never be offered proper protection from harm, nor can steps be taken to warn the
public about them.
Once sufficient evidence is collected it can be presented to the Government who will
have to offer some kind of protection to these animals, which remember did not ask to
be released into the countryside.
We DO NOT wish any harm to become these wonderful animals, nor do we actively
encourage any individual or group to go looking for them, this should be left to the
people who are qualified and understand what they are doing.
If we discover that anyone is using any of the information on this web site other than
for reference purposes we will make it accessible only via a username and password
Please enjoy your stay here and let us know of any sightings, press coverage or
feedback that you may have seen and can help further enhance this web site
that you may have.
Kind regards
Neil Meads