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UK Big Cats - Report a Big Cat Sighting
In order for us to try and compile the most comprehensive study of UK Big Cat
sightings we need your help, obviously we cant keep track of all the sightings by
ourselves, so please assist us if you can.
If you see a story on the news or hear a story on the radio then please tell us what
time you heard / saw the story and on what station / channel it was on.
If you see a story in the local paper then please fax or send us the page, we always
check the national papers but cannot keep track of the stories in local press across
the country.
If you have seen a Big Cat yourself then please fill out the form below to report it to
us, your details will never be made public and all reports will be treated with the
utmost confidence.
Please do ensure to let us know whether we may use your name, initials or neither
when we actually enter your sighting onto our database, no other details about you
are entered onto our sightings database.
Big Cat Sighting Report Details

Please email us the below answers to email at foot of page
Your Details
Can we use your name when logging the report on the web site database Yes No
E-mail Address: 
Phone Number:
Contact Address:
Sighting Location Details
Area of Sighting:
Date of Sighting:
Time of Sighting:
Weather Conditions:
Sighting Details
Colour of Cat Seen:
Type of Cat Seen: (if you think you may have recognised it)
Length of Sighting: (time in seconds or minutes)
Size of Big Cats Body:
Size Comparison: (compared to a German Shepherd)
Size of Head to Body:
Length of Tail:
Any Distinguishing Marks: (either on the tail or body, spots, etc)
Sighting Description
Please provide as much
detail as you can about
your Big Cat Sighting,
including any markings,
the colour of the Big Cat
and any evidence that
you may have picked up
or seen in the area near
where you had your Big
Cat Encounter:
Any Other Witnesses:
Your details will never be passed onto anyone else, please indicate if you would prefer us not to use your initials or name then we will mark the sighting as Unknown.

Please email us details answering above questions (not the form) to