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UK Big Cats - Other Evidence
One of the main arguments that we hear from people for the non existence of Big Cats in the UK is the lack of evidence.
We have some photos and video evidence that is always shot from a distance, but that never seems to be conclusive enough.
Over the years there have been cats killed :-
1989 - In Shropshire a Jungle Cat was fatally injured in a road crash
1988 - In Devon a Leopard Cat was shot
1988 - In Hampshire a Swamp Cat was killed crossing a road
1987 - On the Isle of Wight a Leopard Cat was shot
But the fact that these cats were killed, photographed, examined and recorded is still not proof to most people as they are not aware of it ever happening.
There are clues left by the cats to show they are there, but you would have to look very carefully to spot them.
There will be tracks left when they are out hunting, evidence of their kills will remain as they don't eat the skeletons, there will also be hair samples and droppings left as they walk around the fields and through hedges.
BUT in order to find evidence we have to look for it, most people don't even think about it when they are out and about so it will easily get missed.
Another clue that the cats leave is scratch marks on trees where they have been sharpening their claws on the bark, about 4 or 5 feet up the trunk from ground level and you may see 5 or 6 inches of scratch marks close together.
A common argument is the fact that there are no Big Cat corpses found.... as these animals can only live so long how come their corpses are not being found.  We'll the honest answer is I don't know!
We regularly go out for hours in remote areas of East Anglia looking for our black panther, we know that there are hundreds of deer in the area, we have seen big herds of them in the winter, we see masses of tracks yet have never seen one deer corpse... 
They must be out there somewhere, it is just fate I suppose that they haven't been found yet, but given time I have no doubt they will be found, but we are only talking about a small number of cats in the UK so it's like the old needle in a haystack.
The more we and other groups around the UK keep up our research and keep going out to search known hot spots, one day we will find what we are looking for, it is just a matter of time, some luck and a lot of patience.
As always, you will be the first to find out if anything is discovered right here on this web site tell your friends and let us know of any reported sightings that you may have seen, read or heard about.
PLEASE NOTE: All information on this web site is provided for reference only, we do not encourage anyone to go out and look for these creatures, nor do we wish any harm to become them or you.  All sightings contained within this web site will never contain exact locations unless they have previously been published, this is done for both the cats and your safety.