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If you like our website and would like to place a link back to us from your own website then please follow the instructions below.

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1. Anyone can link back to our website as long as you only link to the main site page, linking to specific pages is not allowed and will also cause
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3. Please do let us know once you have linked back to our site, you never know we
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There are two ways of producing a link to UK Big Cats

Please link to us with the html code below, just copy and paste it into your web page.
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Which produces this link:- The definitive guide to UK Big Cats -
Or alternatively the nicer looking way
If you prefer you may download and use this banner to link to us.

The definitive guide to UK Big Cats -

To download the image simply right click on it and select "save picture as" ("save image as" if using netscape) then save it to your hard disk.
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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="location/ukbigcatslinkbanner.jpg" width="448" height="80" alt="The definitive guide to UK Big Cats -"></a>
Which will look like this:-

The definitive guide to UK Big Cats -