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UK Big Cats Our Background
It was kind of funny really, having been vaguely interested in the Beast of Bodmin story and tales of the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster it was a chance conversation that started myself and Steve out on the Big Cat trail in 1999.

We we're just chatting about things and it just seemed to crop up in the conversation, nothing more was discussed until a few weeks later after mentioning it to a few people, who mentioned it to others, we we're tipped off about a Big Cat within driving distance from our area that had been spotted twice by a friend.

After finding the location of the two sightings we started to research about the Big Cats on the internet and discovered that there is a lot of interest in ABC's in the UK.  ABC being Alien Big Cat, i.e. not in it's native habitat, it has nothing to do with coming from outer space!

So armed with our information we set out looking for any clues in the area, we found plenty of dead rabbits and some possible foot prints, but nothing conclusive, so after more research and learning more and more about the Big Cats we decided to start up this web site and put our findings online.

So far we have been out searching and searching but not managed to find anything yet, every time we go out now we add another entry into our online diary so that anyone can follow our attempts to capture on film the black panther we are searching for.

That is really our background as far as the Big Cats go, we are actively searching all around East Anglia so any sightings or tip offs in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Do check out our online diary, any findings are always logged in there as well as how wet or muddy we may have got during our search!

During our research we discovered that there are not only Big Cats apparently living wild in the United Kingdom, there are wild boars, wolves, wallabies and more!

We will in the near future be investigating some of these as well as the Loch Ness Monster on a new web site but first and foremost we are looking for our Big Cat.

And you will find out first if we find anything right here on our web site so keep logging back on for the latest news and information on UK Big Cats.