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Welcome to the UK Big Cats Web Site
Information, reports, photographs about big cats wild in the UK and much more!
You have probably heard of the Beast of Bodmin, but what about the Surrey Puma or the Fen Tiger or any of the other wild Big Cats that have been spotted around the UK.
With the increasing number of sightings of Big Cats in the UK, we decided to set up this web site to try and collate the information about all the sightings in one place to try and get an understanding of the numbers and different species involved.
We have been concentrating our own efforts in searching for a black panther that has been spotted and reported to us around East Anglia.  You can keep up to date with our search in the Our Diary section of the web site.
On this site you will find all of the sightings that we know of, if we have missed any then please let us know, also if you have seen a Big Cat yourself then please do report the sighting, we always treat reported sightings with the strictest confidence and never make your details known to anyone else.  Please fill in the sightings form here to report a sighting to us.
As well as the details on which Big Cats may be wild in the UK, how to identify them, their tracks and sounds.
We will also have our own discussion forum soon where you can put forward your own theories and thoughts without the risk of being thought as mad!  Plus we have included links to other high quality web sites on the subject of UK Big Cats.
Please enjoy your stay and keep returning to our web site as we are constantly updating it with sightings and UK Big Cat news.  To bookmark this web site click here.
As evidence is found and collected we will feature it here, whether it be hair samples, droppings, animal kills, tracks or photographic / video evidence we will feature it all on this web site, keep an eye on the latest news messages at the top left of every page to find out when new details are added.
PLEASE NOTE: All information on this web site is provided for reference only, we do not encourage anyone to go out and look for these creatures, nor do we wish any harm to become them or you.  All sightings contained within this web site will never contain exact locations unless they have previously been published, this is done for both the cats and your safety.